Viewing Reports

Reports are useful for reviewing job results. Report views automatically collate data from the logging database. Information reported on includes: start/end time, duration, status, errors, and warnings.

When a job has run against multiple accounts, the default summary report lines will show the cumulative statistics (in both numbers and percentages) for all accounts.

By default, summaries of the last two executions are displayed. To change the job reports display, navigate to the bottom-left corner of the Report tab, click Edit Filter. You can specify the date range and select users.


In the Status column, executed jobs that have finished running, are shown as Finished. Jobs that have not yet finished or could not finish processing, show a status of Started. Accounts that could not be processed at all will also show a status of Started, but are counted in the Failed accounts count in the job summary line.Terminated job executions show as Aborted or Canceled.


Clicking on the + symbol in the Time column will expand the summary view to show the statistics for each individual account against which the job was executed.

Clicking on the + symbol in the account entry line will expand the account summary to show the failures encountered during processing. The error messages provide details of the failures associated with the account or its particular items. This helps identify the failed items and facilitates further investigation.


To download a report (.csv file) detailing the status and statistical information of the executed jobs—see How to generate, view, and download reports. To download an error report detailing the processing failures encountered by a specific job or selected account—see How to generate, view, and download error reports.