Message Tab

The Message tab lets you apply search criteria to archived messages. When you use more than one search criteria on the Message tab, the Boolean operator "AND" is applied. For example, if you specify the following:

Subject matches: doctor

Sender matches: Alex

Body matches: today

NetGovern Search searches for messages containing the word “doctor” in the subject line, sent by a sender with the name “Alex” and with the word “today” appearing at least once in the message body. These searches are also enhanced by linguistic analysis algorithms—see About Natural Language Processing.

The Any Recipient Matches field searches for the specified recipient(s) in the To, CC, and BCC fields of messages. You can use the OR Boolean operator and parentheses within the Sender Matches and Any Recipient Matches fields to search for multiple recipient names. For example, if you enter the following in the Sender Matches field:

(Peter OR Paul OR John)

NetGovern Search searches for messages with at least one of the three names appearing in the From field.

If you are conducting an advanced message search using the Sender Matches and/or Any Recipient Matches search criteria, enter the full name of the sender and/or recipient to avoid inaccurate or incomplete search results. For example, you should not type in “Alex” if you are searching for a sender named Alexander.
The Audit and Tags tabs are not available to End users.