About Searching

Once the case is created in NetGovern Search, you can start the initial search, where you will work with data sets in different data locations. Case members assigned to a case will make assessments on an item-level.

The basic and advanced search tools in NetGovern Search make it very efficient to reduce the amount of data significantly and target specific factors, such as dates, location, hours, and especially search terms (keywords) which can greatly enhance the value and accuracy of your data. This is the key strength of NetGovern Search.

If you are starting to search in a case, it is a good idea to start with a filter search to look at specific dates. Also, if there are specific terms associated with the case, such as "account" or "tax", then a keyword search would find these words and their variations. At this point, you can also perform message, usercustodian, and attachment searches.

Once you have whittled the data to a smaller set of documents, it is time to further hone it by performing multiple searches which allow you to compare and seek out subtleties in the data. You can go deeper with the advanced search tools which let you search within searches and pinpoint the exact information you are looking for. Because you are always looking simultaneously through multiple data locations with up-do-date indexed information, you are assured that information is always current. This is called federated search.