Case Info Tab

The A CaseAn Audit Info tab is where you enter basic information about the new caseaudit you are creating. Once you have completed the fields on this tab, you must also select at least one location on the Locations & Custodians & People Of Interest tab to conduct your search. A location is where the data you want to search is stored. You can also choose to complete the fields in the other tabs before saving your caseaudit. However, you can always edit your caseaudit at any time.

The A CaseAn Audit Info tab also gives you the option of having all your caseaudit data automatically loaded when you first open your new caseaudit. NetGovern Search will search for all documents that are covered by the scope of your caseaudit and display the first items. If your caseaudit is large, this may take a bit longer. You can also elect to only display documents when you actually do your first search.

All of the parameters on this tab are designed for convenience and efficiency when handling casesaudits, and can be adjusted at installation by your NetGovern administrator. Also, some options in the Status, A CaseAn Audit Class, A CaseAn Audit Type, and A CaseAn Audit Sub Type menus may have been added to, removed, or changed by your administrator.