Managing Telemetry

Before beginning deployment, please read the NetGovern Privacy Policy— see Terms and Conditions of NetGovern Inc.Terms and Conditions of NetGovern Inc., which is agreed to when using NetGovern products and services.

Data is collected through NetGovern's interacting with you, and through your interacting with NetGovern products. In addition to providing some personal data directly, an installation of Version 6.4 of all NetGovern products, will automatically allow NetGovern to collect anonymous data disclosing usage interactions and product performance. Such data is collected via telemetry, and utilized for product and service optimization.

What is telemetry?

With telemetry enabled, product usage data may be automatically collected. In collecting information concerning product interaction and performance activity, NetGovern can better understand, analyze, and improve the operating of its products, systems, and services.

The data collected via NetGovern Telemetry is anonymous, not user-related, and is limited to; user involvement, system and operation monitoring, performance status, and activity metrics.

With the information gathered, NetGovern can analyze product engagement, assess the endurance and reliability of our products, and discern usage preferences. This data is utilized to determine operational improvements and developments.

How to disable Telemetry

Once the NetGovern product is installed, the Administrator can disable Telemetry.

In Services, open the Diagnostics tab, and click Disable in the relevant section.