Release Notes - Version 6.5.5

Driven by a mission for better governance, faster insights, and Smarter Discovery, this new IPRO Information Governance (IG) release continues to focus on AI enhancements and issues customers ask about most. Please contact IPRO Support to schedule an upgrade consultation—


New Features

Quick Search – Users can now use Solr query syntax in Quick Search using AND, OR, quotation marks, parentheses, etc. A new option is now available in the preferences dropdown menu titled, "Expanded Quick Search"—see Quick Searches and Quick Searches with Boolean Operators.

Index Improvements – A new option to allow reprocessing of items that have failed to index has been added. This easy-to-use interface allows users to quickly identify error(s), determine which file(s) have error(s), and easily reprocess only the file(s) that failed—see Reprocessing Indexing Failures.

Text Extraction Improvements – Enhanced ability to scale vertically resulting in increased throughput and speed has been added. In addition, improved resilience and better memory management when extracting text for indexing.

File Archiving & Collection – A new option to download and retrieve files “Direct from Source” without the need to index—see Configuring File Archiving.

Email Draft Messages – A new option to allow draft email messages to be filtered out from archived or indexed email data has been added.

Crawler Job / Agent Improvements – Added the ability for Crawler jobs and agents orchestration across various cluster nodes—see Including and Excluding Agents and Jobs on Master Node and Including and Excluding Agents and Jobs on Worker Node.


Resolved Issues

Addressbook Sync

NM-31274 – Improved error messaging if credentials are incorrect for addressbook sync.

NM-31836 – Updated users with \ in their user cache for Archive jobs.

NM-32009 – Updated identity management cache for dynamic groups.


NM-31721 – Updated crawler to allow for different time zones during archiving.


NM-32393 – New Index Migration script to improve migration to Solr.

User Mapping

NM-31840 – Two new options were added to map users prior to converting PST data back to the platform user:

  • If the PSTs is for an active user, then, before archiving, ensure that the PST folder names use the same NGID as the active users. Then archive the data.

  • If the PSTs are for an inactive user, archive the PSTs and run the Archive2Identity tool to create a legacy entry in the Identity Cache.


NM-31314 – Updated audit restore tool to work correctly with FileSystem locations.

LiveEDA Search

NM-31276 – Option to "Set max file size for Export" updated to appear correctly in the user interface.

NM-31669 – Updated SSO help link to point to the correct web page.

NM-32169 – Teams images are now displaying correctly after a search with highlight is enabled.

NM-32056 – Teams archiving is now resolved when using IPRO Archive store.

NM-31898 – Quick search updated to return the correct results when using double quotes.


NM-31303 – Improvements to uploading certification from admin UI to avoid overwriting keystore file if it already exists.

NM-31812 – Software update trigger (triangle) improved to only show when an update is available.

NM-31845 – Fixed auto revoke access calendar dates when using FireFox browser.

NM-31959 – Improved handling when adding jobs to a group if there was a deleted job on the list.

NM-31655 – Cleaned up references to retired archive worker node from cluster in LDAP or ClusterConfig.xml file.

NM-31313 – Updated index backup jobs to not fail if it cannot connect to the file system.

NM-31253 – Updated “This cluster already has an Archive Master node” popup to not allow for re-setup since it already exists.

NM-31243 – Manual upgrade of Postgres 9.3 to remove potential security vulnerabilities. IPRO support will run manual update after the upgrade is complete.

NM-31250 – Updated Postgress overload connection errors by reducing the number of health check requests.

NM-31311 – Updated Exchange troubleshooting tool to support modern authorization.

NM-31310 – Updated Trace-Warped by disabling debug flag to avoid creation of log files.

NM-31317 – Updated archive link in web viewer to work correctly for Groupwide 2018.