Release Notes - Version 6.5.1

Driven by a mission for better governance, faster insights, and Smarter Discovery, this new IPRO Information Governance (IG) release (formerly NetGovern) with LiveEDA continues our focus on the enhancements and issues customers ask about most. Please contact IPRO Support to schedule an upgrade consultation—

New Features


  • Removed domain name from channel node (Teams & Slack) for improved readability.
  • Displays the location name of each item in the column view and on the property page to make it easy to identify the item's location.
  • Persona-based terminology for users. Users are now called Custodians or People of Interest (POS) depending on the case opened (Legal vs. InfoSec).
  • Enables case and search functionality for Live EDA integrated configuration.


  • Breaking up 7ZIP files into 2GB increments for easier management.
  • Support for processing of MAPI properties across all email data sources (Live O365/Exchange & PST) and export types (PST, Load file), increasing metadata understanding.
  • Preserving file name & file path when exporting for quicker recall. Export to Zip format will preserve the file path and file name at source as part of the ZIP file.
  • Load file (DAT) export supporting CSV or standard EDRM compatible formats.
  • CSV export performance is 10x faster.
  • Crawler: SharePoint Read Only access. Minimum permission level requirement for the SharePoint connector is ReadOnly access now.
  • Job Manager: The job manager performs a health check on each worker node before dispatching jobs.
  • O365: The EWS connector now supports connectivity to the AzureUsGovernment type O365 tenant for US Federal Government applications.
  • Group ACLs: Group ACLs are now fanned out to capture the group membership at the time of crawling/archiving/indexing for an up-to-date Active Directory listing.
  • IMC: Inactive user detection to avoid data cross-pollination.

Resolved Issues


  • MACPR-8762 – Improved messaging dialog when exporting messages in Search
  • MACPR-8989 – Improved error handling for “Download failed” during export
  • MACPR-8980 – Updated archived emails to allow for preview when Delivered Date is invalid
  • MACPR-8899 – Improved preview and downloading of attachments that are larger than 150MB
  • MACPR-9005 – Improved performance on tagging items when saving a scoped case
  • MACPR-9001- Updated Advanced Search for messages to properly remove items to be excluded from search results
  • MACPR-8918 – Updated export to allow the priority to be set on the Export>System Export Job
  • MACPR-8947 – Performance increases in the following areas:
    • Login Case Manager (approx. 30% faster)
    • Loading Case List (approx. 90% faster)
    • Loading Users/Groups (approx. 90% faster)
    • Open Case/Audit (approx. 90% faster)
    • Simple Search (Subject) (approx. 15% faster)
    • Attachment Search (Body) (approx. 50% faster)
  • NM-23175 – Updated terminology; “Random Sampling” is now a feature of “Supervision”


  • MACPR-8866 – Improved performance for “Export to single PST file”
  • MACPR-8924 – Improved handling on export to retrieve entire query instead of previously cached preview items
  • MACPR-8900 – Updated exporting of Email archives to load file to properly format SMTP addresses
  • MACPR-8936 – Improved handling of exporting LiveMail data that was moved prior to export
  • MACPR-9018 – Updated archive lifecycle and export jobs to allow actions for non-indexed data
  • MACPR-8780 – Improved handling of exporting Archived emails to load file to contain full MessageHeaders
  • MACPR-8942 – Improved handling of large PST failures with "out of memory" error during export

AddressBook Sync

  • MACPR-8873 – Improved handling of user sync for Modern auth to Microsoft 365 when the impersonation user password contains a special character
  • MACPR-8897 – Improved handling to prevent the deletion of mailboxes from Exchange for mailboxes not synced


  • MACPR-8807 – Improved handling for storage location connections with passwords over 66 characters
  • MACPR-8713 – Updated storage report to display when logging in with SSO
  • MACPR-8999 – Updates to viewing job reports to allow for timeout configuration
  • MACPR-8990 – Improved handling of system export jobs failing with “counter is not incremented” error
  • MACPR-8875 – Updated case creation to show users from Groupwise locations
  • MACPR-8764 – Proper retiring of index node to remove config from workers
  • MACPR-8937 – Updated IIS extensions to properly work with Exchange 2010

Archive Agent

  • MACPR-8897 – Updated Exchange email archives to allow for searching when white vertical rectangle is used as a special character
  • MACPR-8940 – Improved handling for archive draft messages within Exchange to properly archive draft messages
  • MACPR-9037 – Updates to archiving embedded emails no filename


  • NM-28356 – Release from QT supports large files for OneDrive locations. Releasing large files from QT to a OneDrive location is now properly supported using the Microsoft graph SDK for file uploads.


  • MACPR-8746 – Updated SNMP to return the correct value for Client Access
  • MACPR-5697 – Suppress node information for non-cluster members

Identity Management

  • MACPR-9008 – Updated Identity Management cache to run against an environment with 50K+ users

Migration Agent

  • MACPR-8896 – Improved error handling when running Migration Agent reload for invalid XML files
  • MACPR-8817 – Improved error handling when Nipe unable to connect or retrieve indexes