Installing IIS Extensions for Microsoft Exchange

Organizations often like to offer their users shortcuts to their archives for their convenience. This can be done in a multitude of ways. Some of them include:

  • Pushing URL shortcuts to desktops/browsers
  • Publishing a link on the intranet portal
  • Deploying the Outlook Add-in
  • Deploying the IIS Extensions for Exchange

Deploying the IIS Extensions for Microsoft Exchange will enable a link in OWA which users can click to go directly to their archives. This option is very popular for organizations running Exchange on-premise, since it can be done server-side (avoiding pushing out software to all users computers) and it can also accommodate remote workers which are not domain-joined. Unfortunately, it also means that this option is not available for organizations using Exchange Online.

The IIS extensions must be installed on Exchange 2010+ servers hosting the CAS role. Also, they must be present on all such servers in the organization as user sessions may be load balanced or handed off silently among servers.