Customizing the Login Screen

When users access IPRO Search directly through a browser, the login screen displays. You can change the default image to a custom image that displays your company logo and branding. When changing the image, be sure to use .jpg format with an image size of 705 x 385 pixels.

You can also change the text strings in the login screen. For example, if your organization usually uses an email address and user code to log in to IPRO Search, you can change the text strings to reflect that in the login screen. Text strings are stored in editable text files for these languages: English, French (Standard), French (Canadian), German, and Spanish.

Any changes you make will take effect after restarting the IPRO Client Access service.

If you currently apply white labeling as part of the deployment process, you should customize the login screen at the same time—see Configuring Storage Devices.

After customizing the default login screen, you can also change the text strings.

Regardless of the changes you make to the login screen, the following screen remains the same.

Before making changes to default configuration files, be sure to create a backup copy before editing.