Load Balancing

If you have a large deployment consisting of many servers and are handling a large volume of email, you may need to apply load balancing principles to your NetGovern deployment, within the context of how load balancing is currently permitted, enabled, and used within your organization’s various technical environments. This will help ensure the optimal performance of the servers in your NetGovern environment.

These steps are related specifically to load balancing for archive access. Job load balancing is related to adding archive and index servers—refer to the Archive Administration Guide.

Verify the following aspects of load balancing:

  • Session Persistence: NetGovern software requires "sticky" connections to the same IP for the duration of its activities (this is probably easier to achieve with a layer-4 NLB versus a layer-7 NLB).
  • Cookie Stripping: NetGovern software makes use of cookies for OWA integration, so they are not tampered with by network appliances.
  • SSL Offloading: Understanding who terminates the SSL connection is important for troubleshooting.
  • Failure Detection: Understanding whether the NLB can detect and route around failures is important for troubleshooting.