Deploying the Servers

Assuming that you have all the resources specified in Prerequisites, the next step is to deploy the NetGovern archive and index servers.




Hosts the SOLR indexing compoment.

Windows OS Hosts the archiving services. Hosts the client web interface used by the end user or managers to search the contents, also known as the remote provider in NetGovern terminology.

At a minimum, a single-tenant requires one (1) archive server and one (1) index server but may require more depending on the size and types of data being archived (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive, Citrix FileShare, and so on.) In the steps below, you have the option to deploy multiple servers.

The following steps pertain to deploying NetGovern servers for a single-tenant solution using a NetGovern template.

In a single-tenant scenario, configuring servers occurs in a separate step.
BYOL stands for Bring Your Own License.