Deploying NetGovern Archive

Deploying a multi-tenant version of NetGovern Archive is primarily a two-part process, with an optional third step. You will perform the steps in the following order:

  • Deploy and configure shared infrastructure consisting of LDAP, PostGres, and index server (also called pod)
  • Deploy and configure master server
  • Deploy and configure worker server(s) - optional

Use the steps above to both deploy and configure NetGovern servers. Each step takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Azure Marketplace

To facilitate shared infrastructure deployment, the NetGovern pod is available in the Azure Marketplace in which standard sizing has been preselected for the virtual machines. You can alter these default values after deployment if you want to further customize the environment—see Virtual Machine Size.

Azure Resource Manager Templates

To facilitate master server, and worker deployment, NetGovern provides a set of Azure Resource Manager templates. Default sizing for these VMs can also be modified after deployment.

Deployment Videos

Before beginning deployment, it is helpful to get an overview of the process. These quick videos give you an overview of how each part is deployed using the Azure templates.

How to Deploy the Azure Master Server:

How to Deploy the Azure Worker Server:

How to Deploy the POD (Shared Infrastructure):

How to Monitor POD Deployment Progress: