Anti-Virus Scanning Exclusions on Archive Nodes

The use of anti-virus software on NetGovern is discouraged. Anti-virus software can interfere with NetGovern’s normal operations, leading to job errors, failures, and (potentially) data loss. Problems will arise if items are quarantined or deleted during job execution, and the scanning of files has a significant impact on the performance of the system. All mail messages and attachments should have been already scanned once at the gateway (if coming from the internet), and they will be scanned again by the desktop anti-virus agents when users access items in their archives.

Avoid installing anti-virus software on application or storage servers used by NetGovern (if at all possible). If installation is mandated by company policy, do not install it until after installing and validating Archive components.

Drive letters should be validated. Anti-virus exclusion includes sub-directories. Additionally, if the data and attachments are in different locations, add both locations tothe exclusions.