Deploying NetGovern Archive

Welcome to NetGovern!

This guide is intended for the NetGovern administrator for Exchange Online / Office 365 and contains information on the simplest way to deploy NetGovern Archive in Microsoft Azure. Both single-tenant and multi-tenant deployment is covered in this guide, the latter which is useful for partners deploying for multiple clients. Supplemental information is available in the Archive Administration Guide.

This guide is organized as follows:



Deploy NetGovern Archive This section covers architecture overview, communication ports, and how to change them.
Deploy Single-Tenant

This section covers prerequisites, as well as deployment of the archive and index servers in the Azure Marketplace. The archive servers can then be configured as either master or worker nodes in the NetGovern Archive wizard.

Deploy Multi-Tenant

This section covers prerequisites, as well as deployment and configuration of the shared infrastructure (the pod), the master node, and the worker nodes (if required). Steps are performed in the Azure Marketplace, and then in the pod once it is deployed.

Post-Deployment Tasks

This section covers optional steps, such as white labeling and deploying the Outlook Add-In.


Learn how to monitor the status and performance of the NetGovern platform.


Learn how to get more information and how to open and update Support tickets.

Remember that if you require assistance, your Support Representative will be happy to help—contact IPRO Support.

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