Message Searches

During a search, it may be helpful to perform a search on messages in an archive. You can enter precise criteria, such as the name of the sender, recipient, and subject, as well as a date range and much more. You can also perform a search for message(s) using advanced search tools—see Advanced Search Scenarios.

How to Search for Messages

  • In the Folder view, select the archive stores and people of interest to filter.
  • In the Document view, click Search > Messages.
  • The Search dialog box displays.
  • Click Clear if there was a previous search.
  • Enter criteria in any of the fields—see Message Tab.
  • When you are done, click Search.
  • The Search dialog box closes and your results (if any) are displayed.
  • If needed, run another search. Add criteria to the Audit, Attachment, or Tags tabs to narrow the search even more.
  • NOTE
    You can run an advanced search using the same search criteria by performing an advanced search. To do so, avoid clearing the Search dialog box after running a search.