Filter View

When conducting searches, the Filter view lets you narrow the data shown in the Document view based on a wide variety of parameters, called filters. These filters make it easy to locate specific data, such as messages delivered on a specific date in 2001 for example. Once you apply the filters, only those messages selected through the filters are displayed in the Document view. The value besides a filter indicates the percentage of items found in each component.

By default, the Filter view is not displayed—see People of Interest Searches.

How to Display the Filter View

  • At the bottom-right of the interface, click the up arrow.
  • To resize the Filter and Folder views, position your pointer on the divider and drag to resize.


Here are some of the most common filters:




Filters by the language in which archived items are written. The list of language filters varies according to the languages identified in the archived messages. Items for which a specific language has not been identified fall into the Not Defined filter.


The subfolders in which the message was found.


Filters based on whether or not the archived message was ever read.


Filters based on whether or not the archived message was ever opened.


Filters based on whether or not a task was completed.


Indicates percentage of standard and high priority messages.

Delivered Date

The date the message was delivered to the mailbox.

Created Date

Filters by the date an item was created. This filter displays the available years, followed by the available months of data.

Additional filters may appear in your list depending on whether they have been defined or activated by your administrator.

For more information, see About Searching.