Quick Searches

In IPRO Search, you can efficiently search the data displayed in the Document view by performing a Quick Search.

Quick Search uses linguistic analysis to deliver contextualized results. For more information, see About Natural Language Processing.

The keyword(s) you enter in the Quick Search are applied to the To, From, and Subject fields of a message or Instant Message, as well as the body. The keyword(s) entered are also applied to the title and content of documents and attachments.

To search the Sender and Recipient fields of Email Messages, or the From and To fields of an Instant Message, perform a Messages Search (for Email) or an Instant Messages Search (for Slack and Teams Messages).

Each time you enter keyword(s) and press Enter, a new search takes place on the data set in the Document View. The results of a Quick Search are not carried over to the next Quick Search. To further narrow down your data set, you can use the filters in the Filters view—see Using Search Filters.

If you enter multiple keywords in Quick Search, you can add operators to perform Boolean searches, phrase searches, and proximity searches.

To make use of operators, you must enable the Expanded Quick Search function before conducting the search—see Expanded Quick Search.

To learn more about performing searches using operators, see Search Operators. For more information on performing searches using Boolean Operators, see About Boolean Operators. For examples of Boolean Searches, see Quick Searches with Boolean Operators.

How to Perform a Quick Search Without Expanded Quick Search

How to Perform a Quick Search with Expanded Quick Search