Opening Audits

The Audit Management dashboard contains all your audits and this is where you open an existing audit. When opened, the Audit Overview workspace displays, where you can perform searches.

If you already have an audit open, it is easy to quickly switch to another audit by selecting it from the Working on Audit menu.

How to Open Audits

  • Do one of the following:
    • On the Audit Management dashboard, select a an audit to open and click Open Audit.
    • On the Audit Overview toolbar, click the arrow beside the Working on Audit menu.
In some audits, you may see a red exclamation mark beside an audit which indicates an error or warning for various reasons including: the audit is locked because another user is working on it, or the scope of the audit has changed. The red exclamation mark is also present in the list of audits on the Audit Management dashboard.
  • The currently open audit (if any) is closed and the selected audit opened in the Audit Overview workspace—see Audit Overview Workspace.