Configuring Indexing for Gmail

NetGovern audits can include data sourced directly from an external Gmail location. Indexing and Archiving jobs must be set up to process the data and make the Gmail content available in NetGovern Search.

You can only index and archive in Gmail if you previously configured the connection and created the required location in the NetGovern Admin U—see Configuring Gmail Connector.

When the Gmail Archive Storage location or Email (Gmail) Live Location has been created in the NetGovern Admin UI and the connection to Gmail has been configured, Indexing and Archiving jobs can be configured for the Gmail source location. Indexing and Archiving is required to make the source data available in n NetGovern audit.

The Indexing job must be set up and run in order to search archive data in Gmail. Any remediation jobs running in NetGovern Search, can then also discover the Gmail content. When the Gmail Index job is configured, messages will be indexed according to the criteria and schedule set.

Indexing must be performed prior to archiving in order to make the archived content searchable——see Configuring Gmail Archiving.
It is not necessary to create a policy in NetGovern to guide this job.