Highlighting Search Terms

When you conduct a Quick search or Document search, you can highlight terms to quickly locate them in your search results. Search terms appear in yellow in the list of search results and in the messages as well. By default, highlighting is enabled.

If terms are found in the Name or Subject of documents and messages, these are highlighted in yellow and visible in the Document View.

If terms are found in the Owner or To and From fields of a message, these are not highlighted, unless they also appear in the body, Name, or Subject of a message.

If the body of a message contains search terms, these will be highlighted, but will not be visible from the Document View. To view the areas that have been highlighted in the body of a message, double-click to Preview. The highlighted content will automatically display first.

Highlighting does not work when conducting attachment searches.
Also, when performing a search using multiple search terms, the results will contain the terms but not necessarily in the same order as you specified in the Search field.