Release Notes - Version 6.5.4

Driven by a mission for better governance, faster insights, and Smarter Discovery, this new IPRO Information Governance (IG) release continues to focus on AI enhancements and issues customers ask about most. Please contact IPRO support to schedule an upgrade consultation—


New Feature

FIPS Compliant

FIPS are standards and guidelines for federal computer systems that are developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and approved by the US Secretary of Commerce. IPRO Information Governance 6.5.4 is now FIPS compliant when enabled, meeting or exceeding those standards.


Feature Requests

NM-31935 – Updated the list of minimum permissions required for Exchange Online connectivity to the following instead of using the Organization Management role.

  • Address Lists

  • Application Impersonation

  • Distribution Groups

  • Journaling

  • Mailbox Import Export

  • Mailbox Search

  • Transport Rules

  • View-Only Configuration

  • View-Only Recipients

Resolved Issues


NM-31427 – Administrators can now select in-active, Active Directory accounts for inclusion in Email Archive, LiveEmail, Email Restore, or Utility jobs.

NM-31421 – Updated selecting users to allow for multi select for activating users.

NM-31401 – Updated job names to appear in alphabetical order regardless of capitalization.

NM-30980 – When multiple Domain Controllers (DC) are in place, the system properly maintains users even if the DC has changed.

NM-31836 – Fixed issue with slash \ in user cache CN to Archive jobs.

NM-31923 – Addressed DL expansion issues after upgrade. User Sync needs to be triggered after upgrade to have the new attribute added to the Groups.

NM-32048 – Addressed potential vulnerability in libwebp-0.3.0-10.el7_9.x86_64 by removing it from the VM image.

NM-32057 – Addressed Zero-day vulnerability affecting Java Spring Core Framework (CVE-2022-22965, CVE-2022-22963).

NM-32061 – Fixed Dynamic Groups members when adding in additional members from Identity Management Cache.

Case Admin

NM-31788 – Updated Jetty error page to remove technical debugging information to avoid information leakage.

NM-31787 – Removed Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) from potential security vulnerabilities.

NM-31769 – Improved handling of Email Archive and Index for Exchange messages with REPORT.IPM message class.

NM-31259 – Improved updates to NetGovern Archive software upgrade options when downloading, updating or scheduling for later.


NM-31417 – Updates added to allow the location to be created even if the DFS shares cannot be reached at that moment. When the DFS shares are unavailable, they are skipped when validating the location, and when you run the job it provides and error that the share is unavailable.

NM-30989 – Improved handling to allow Distributed File System (DFS) root folder location to be used for indexing.

Legal Hold

NM-31331 – Updated Live Legal Hold to be applied if there is Regex Matches Method query in federated search. Now Legal Hold can be applied if the search query contains Regex matches clause.

NM-31411 – Changing the data location for Legal Hold documents, is now supported.


NM-31328 – Updated Teams Chat to display users with double space in name.

NM-31366 – Updated tooltip to help structure searches when using word list searching.

NM-31398 – Addressed searching of custom tags when a '-' or a space is used in the tag name.

NM-31676 – Updated LiveMail to display messages within the case for users that have user map.

Open Agents

NM-31336 – Indexing now continues for embedded messages containing invalid XML characters.

NM-31367 – Improved handling of long running archive jobs to avoid high memory and CPU usage.

NM-31374 – Added option "All users from this location" for Archive LifeCycle jobs.

User Mapping

NM-31330 – Added support to read and expand Microsoft 365 Groups when using extend option to specify between "DL/Dynamic DL" or "Microsoft 365 Group".

NM-31414 – Updated Archive2Identity tool to support users with parenthesis in their name.

NM-31416 – Updated Usermap to sync and properly identify users as active if the account contains a period in the User ID.