Configuring Jobs

After you have configured a policy, you are ready to create and configure jobs. In NetGovern, a policy is a guideline and a job is the action that enforces it. You cannot create a job without a policy to guide it.

There are several types of archive jobs that the administrator can create. This can include a standard nightly archive job to capture emails that have existed in the mail system for a set number of days, as shown in the steps outlined below.

A manager may also contact you with specific requests, such as configuring a Legal Hold job to comply with an eDiscovery request, or configuring a job that will trigger an email alert notifying them whenever credit card information shows up in a data repository.

Remember that prior to creating a job, you must have already configured the Storage Location or Live Location—see Configuring Locations.

To create and configure an Email Archiving job specifically for placing Archives on Legal Hold, see steps below.