About Policies

Polcies define how your organization has decided to handle the archive and retention of email in your organization. There are many types of policies which you can apply to select email accounts. Here are some types of policies you may want to consider implementing within your organization.

  • Email Usage Policy: An email usage policy includes code of conduct, system usage guidelines, and an email confidentiality clause.
  • Email Retention Policy: An organizational policy that identifies the retention and deletion requirements for email within the organization. If end users are given the ability to delete messages, then the policy should provide a clear definition as to what constitutes a business record and what constitutes a transitory record that can be deleted.
  • Email Deletion Policy: A policy that is crucial to an organization unless you plan to keep information in perpetuity. An email deletion policy takes into account that you will need to delete information when it is no longer valuable or when the regulatory requirements have been met. Your deletion policy should take into consideration all forms of email messages, including corporately archived messages, privately archived messages, and backups of messages.
  • Email Archiving Policy: A policy that is critical when defining the expectations and procedures for retaining and storing electronic messages within the organization. While it is an operational policy, it should take into consideration what data will be stored in your primary messaging systems, what data will be stored on online archive systems, and what data will be stored on near-online or offline systems.

For an example of a complete policy, see Sample Policy.

Predefined Policies

To start using NetGovern Archive, you must create policies before applying them to jobs in order to implement them. This work is two-fold. First, you have to agree on policies with various stakeholders in your organization. Then, these policies have to be created in NetGovern.

NetGovern Archive includes several predefined policies to help you get started. They are available in NetGovern Archive and provided to you as recommended best practices. You can use the policies as is or customize them to suit the email policy requirements of your organization—see Configuring Policies.