About Jobs

In NetGovern Archive, it is through the creation and execution of jobs that you can implement your retention and deletion policies with regards to archiving, retention, and deletion of email data, as well as crawling file repositories. Each agent in NetGovern Archive has jobs associated with it, executed according to a schedule and a specified set of user accounts. A job also has other settings related to the job type. In an archive job, for example, you must specify the location to which the archive data is to be written.

Once created, jobs run according to a specific schedule and against a specified set of user accounts. In NetGovern Archive, policies are scheduled to run as a server-side process that is transparent to end users. As the administrator, you can schedule policies to run once or run continuously, on a schedule. You can also execute once-only tasks. For example, you can create a policy to archive the contents of an inactive account thereby eliminating it from the email system.