Manage the TAR Project when the Case Changes

If documents are added to or deleted from a case for which a TAR project/review is in progress, the following steps must be taken:

  • Any reviews that are in progress (regardless of which round) should be completed and associated batch(es) marked as complete.

  • If documents are deleted from the case, the analytics index selected for the TAR project must be rebuilt. For details on rebuilding an analytics index, see Rebuild an Index.

  • If documents are added to the case, the following actions must be taken:

    • In Review Pass Management, select the TAR project’s Training review pass and refresh the Review Pass Information to see if any new documents have been added to the training set (are unbatched). See Evaluate Review Pass Status for details.

    • If the training round is repeated, repeat/continue with the TAR process as shown in the Workflow Process (steps 4 - 11).