Create and Schedule Keyword Lists

Keyword searching can assist you with document management, review, and other tasks. You create and schedule a keyword list for processing.

To create a keyword list and schedule it for processing:

  1. Getting started:

    1. In Enterprise Review, click on a case card.

    2. Click the Enter Case button.

    3. The Case View displays.

    4. In the Case View, click Keyword Management.

  2. In the Keyword List panel, click .

  3. In the Keyword List Settings area, enter a List Name (up to 85 characters) and optionally Notes (up to 500 characters). Alphanumeric, spaces, and/or underscore characters can be used.

  4. In the Scheduling area, select the frequency and time of processing of the keyword list:

  5. ClosedKeyword List Scheduling Options



    Occurs immediately

    The list will be processed one time, immediately after the list is completed (per the following steps).

    Occurs once at (time)

    Run the list automatically (if case changes have occurred) once a day at the specified hour. For example, re-process the list every day at 10 p.m. Enter or click  to enter/choose the time.

    Occurs every... Starting/Ending at (times)

    Run the list automatically (if case changes have occurred) at a specified interval, 0.25 to 23.75 hour(s), over the specified time period.

    Enter or use the up/down arrows to select the interval, and enter the starting and ending hours or click  to select them.

    For example, rebuild the index every two hours between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (i.e., when reviewers are at work):

    Auto save results after processing

    Select this option if you want to create the keyword tags and field after the keyword list is processed.

    You can also create them separately, at a later time. (See Keyword List Activities and Create Keyword Tag Group and Field.)

  6. Click Apply, . An empty keywords list with the name entered in the List Name field is saved..

  7. In the Keywords area, click Add as shown in the following figure.

  8. When you click the Add button, a dialog box displays. Enter or paste (Ctrl+V) the needed list of search terms and phrases, one term or phrase per line.

  9. Note: Search phrases of over 250 characters will be truncated.

  10. When all keywords have been added to the list, click Add in the dialog box.

  11. Click the Schedule Job  button. The job will be run at the scheduled time.

  12. Note: This button is not available if the keyword list status is Completed (indicating the search has been run and results are up to date).

  13. If your job is scheduled for a time other than immediately, you can check the status in the Job Manager. For more information about the Job Manager, see Overview: Job Manager.

  14. Repeat these steps to create and schedule other keyword lists.