Overview: Coding Forms

OPEN DISCOVERY Review allows you to create various field sets (“coding forms”) so that the fields listed on the Record View pane meet case users’ needs and allow them to work as efficiently as possible. Coding forms also dictate which tags appear in their review pass. OPEN DISCOVERY Review also allows you to define coding forms for specific user groups.


As with many OPEN DISCOVERY Review tasks, proper planning will help ensure that the coding forms you define match needed case review activities.

  • Names: If several coding forms will be available for users, give some consideration to naming conventions.

  • Fields and tags: Identify the sets of fields and tags that will best serve case review. Also determine the best order for these fields and/or tags.

  • Rules: Basic “if-then” rules can be defined regarding tags, tag groups, fields, and/or review status to enforce record editing and/or tagging requirements. Determine whether rules will be defined.

  • Permissions: Determine whether forms should be restricted to certain user groups.

Also consider the information users will need in order to properly use coding forms and create appropriate case instructions.


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