Get Started with Reports

The OPEN DISCOVERY Report module provides a centralized location for evaluating report details to assist you with administrative duties and case oversight. Reports are presented in an easy-to-use format and can be exported and/or printed

The OPEN DISCOVERY Reports present the big picture; making sure budgets, deadlines, and client communication are on track. OPEN DISCOVERY Reports provide centralized pre-set, customized, and advanced reporting for each stage of the discovery process.

Administrators can generate and review a variety of case-specific reports in OPEN DISCOVERY , including standard and custom reports. System (Billing and Media) reports are client-specific and are only available to Super Admin users.

As of version 2018.5.0, reporting permissions were implemented using OPEN DISCOVERY security. The Administrator may assign access to reports for groups with assigned users. The figure on the right shows Reports permissions (excerpted from the Blank permissions template for a Processing case).

When a single report is selected under the Reports permission category, the Reports category check box is automatically selected as well. The Reports component can be accessed from the OPEN DISCOVERY main page if at least one report permission is assigned, e.g. Data Extract Item Summary.

Only those reports for which the user has assigned permissions will be available for selection from the drop-down list on the Reports page. Permissions are based on the individual reports and not the category for which the report is associated.

Four types of reports are available:

Privileges Required

As of version 2018.5.0, report access is determined by assigned permissions. See Manage Users and Groups for details.

Available Reports

If an activity on which a report is based has not occurred in eCapture by IPRO or OPEN DISCOVERY Review, the report will have no data. For example, if no Technology Assisted Review (TAR) projects were created in OPEN DISCOVERY Review, then TAR reports will have no data. For details on the functionality upon which review reports are based (such as TAR), see OPEN DISCOVERY Review.


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