ExecutionMetadata Field

The ExecutionMetadata field is a string field comprised of one JSON object with strict requirements.

Note: This topic assumes that you understand the rules and structure of JSON. It is strongly recommended that you use a JSON validator to ensure that the system works without errors. If you are unfamiliar with JSON, it is recommended that you learn about it elsewhere (for example, see http://www.json.org/ before you continue. This topic is beyond the scope of this document.


Important: All of the following JSON details are case-sensitive. To avoid errors, ensure that you provide both the field names, as well as the field values, exactly as they are specified in this document.

The only required field in the ExecutionMetadata field is StoredProcedure. This must contain both the schema and stored procedure name of your report. For example:


  "StoredProcedure": "UserDefinedReports.MyCustomReport"



If your stored procedure does not have any parameters, this is the only necessary field within the JSON metadata field. However, if your report requires parameters, it will need additional configuration. Each parameter must be configured inside of a “ParameterInfo” Field. This field is an array of JSON objects. Each object must contain the fields listed in the following table.

ParameterInfo JSON Field

Field Name





The name of the parameter that is in your stored procedure.



The name that is displayed in the OPEN DISCOVERY Website Reports page.



This fields determines how the OPEN DISCOVERY Website will control user input. You must specify one of the following options:

  • text

  • number

  • checkbox

  • date

  • list (*)

  • multi-select (*)

  • hidden (*)


    • The list and multi-select DisplayTypes require an additional field to be specified in order to work.See Reporting.ParameterListDefinition Table

    • The hidden DisplayType is for a special case, and should be used only for a report that requires a CaseProductEnvironmentId (CpeId) parameter.



The name of the parameter list used for reports that require a user selection for the report (such as selecting from a drop-down or multi-selection list).

This name has a direct correlation to the name field of the Reporting.ParameterListDefinition table.

This name is:

  • Required if using “list” or “multi-select” DisplayType.

  • Ignored for all other DisplayTypes.



A true/false property. False by default; entry is not necessary unless you want to explicitly state that the parameter as optional.

* Indicates a required field.


Following is a basic example of ExecutionMetadata with two “date” parameters:


  "StoredProcedure": "UserDefinedReports.MyCustomReport",

  "ParameterInfo": [


      "Name": "StartDate",

      "DisplayName": "Start Date",

      "DisplayType": "date"



      "Name": "EndDate",

      "DisplayName": "End Date",

      "DisplayType": "date"





Details regarding the more complex configurations, such as drop-down and multi-select list parameter types, are included in the Reporting.ParameterListDefinition Table topic.