Create a Report Definition

You can include a report definition in the OPEN DISCOVERY database for any report containing parameters, or if you want to include visual customizations such as charts, aggregates, or specific column formatting.

In order to execute and configure the display of a custom report, a record to the Reporting.ReportDefinition is necessary. The schema is as follows:

The fields in this table include:

Field Name



The auto-generated ID field for the table.


The display name of the report. This name appears on the Reports page in the OPEN DISCOVERY website. Make the name as self-descriptive as possible; consider naming conventions for custom reports to ensure clarity and consistency.


Refers to the product that your report will be available to. This must be a value from the OPEN DISCOVERY Product table.


Refers to the report type. The reports are grouped on the Reports page by the report type. The report types are listed in the Reporting.ReportType table.


This field corresponds to the Permission that is required to see and run the report. If this field is left blank, this report will show for all users that have permissions to the Reports component.


This field determines whether your custom report should be considered common. A common report is displayed in the OPEN DISCOVERY Website even if it is not automatically detected in the product database.


Contains the metadata needed by the system to run your report. This field must contain valid JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). This is a complex field; see ExecutionMetadata Field for more information.


Contains the metadata that customizes the display of your report. This is a complex field; see DisplayMetadata Field for more information.


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