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When to merge documents

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Where to Merge Documents

You can merge documents whether you are working in a case or batch. You can also merge documents in a Search Results tab if the search was performed in a case (not in a batch). In all three scenarios -merging within a case, batch, or search results - the following conditions are required:

  • Documents must be sorted in order by BEGDOC before you perform the merge.

  • Documents must be contiguous in the case database. That is, you cannot merge documents ABC-00001 and ABC-00003 if document ABC-00002 exists (but is not part of the batch or search results in which you are working).

When to Merge Documents

To avoid errors, merge documents at a time when other users will not be working with them.

Documents to Merge

Identify the set(s) of documents to be merged. Documents must be sequential. That is, you can select documents 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for merging, but not documents 1, 3, and 5.

NOTE: To maintain the integrity of production sets, documents that have already been produced cannot be merged.


Consider how fields will be managed for the merged document:

  • The following field types can be merged; merged data will be separated by a delimiter of your choice. Fields that are not merged will contain no data after the merge.


  • MEMO



  • The EXTRACTEDTEXT field is merged automatically.

  • The values for other field types are either determined automatically by Eclipse SE (such as BEGDOC and BEGATTACH fields), or the value of the first document in the set becomes the merged documents' value (for example, NATIVE or DATE fields).


Important!  Regarding fields defined with the following flags and options:

  • Do not merge fields defined with the Category flag and the Control List option.

  • Fields with the Pick List option can be merged, but the merged value is not added to the field’s pick list.


Determine whether:

  • to add all applied tags to the new document, or

  • to include only tags that have been applied to the first document in the set.

Note: Conflicts between exclusive tags will be identified before documents are merged; decide on a method for resolving the conflicts:

  • If you do not merge tags, then the tag of the first document in the set will apply to the merged document.

  • If merging tags, resolve conflicts before you merge documents. Or, ignore the conflicts. In that case, the tag applied to the final document in the set will be applied to the new document.


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