Keyboard Shortcuts: Record View

Record View supports a number of keyboard shortcuts, which as described in the following sections.

Tip: Click here to view a printable Quick Reference Guide that outlines all available keyboard shortcuts for Eclipse SE.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Fields in Record View

See table below for keyboard shortcuts to use when editing fields in Record View.

The following shortcuts apply when a coding form is enabled for editing:


Key Description


Enable coding form for editing. If form is already enabled, press the F2 key to exit editing mode.


Copy the content of previously editedfield into the selected field. (If the field was not previously edited, no change is made.)


Copy all previously edited fields from the previous record to the currently selected record.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Coding Forms

Several shortcuts can be used in coding forms for navigation and editing.

The following navigation shortcuts apply when a coding form is enabled for editing.


Key Description

Ctrl+PgUp, Ctrl+PgDn

Show previous or next document’s fields. (Previous/next document in the case table.)

Custom (Alt+)

Your administrator may define shortcuts for fields in coding forms to allow you to navigate quickly to needed fields. These shortcuts begin with the Alt key. Check with your administrator.



Press the Tab key to navigate from one field to the next (top to bottom) in a coding form, or Shift+Tab to navigate to previous fields.

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Your administrator may define keyboard shortcut combinations to aid in field editing and tagging. These shortcuts are in effect when editing is enabled in Record View and the needed coding form is selected. Check with your administrator for shortcut details at your site.

Shortcut Key Prefix



These keyboard shortcuts are active after you click in the coding form. Use them to navigate to specific fields in a coding form as defined by your administrator.

Example: Alt+A may be assigned for the Author field.


Apply (or remove) specific tags as defined by your administrator.

Example: Ctrl+R may be assigned for the Responsive tag.


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