Overview: Case View Pane

The Case View pane allows you to work with documents in a grid format, called the Case Table or Case Grid. If you have appropriate privileges, you can also look at the Record View.


This section covers, in detail, both the Case View and the Record View

Case View/Case Table

  • Work at the Case-Level in Case View - This topic covers changes that you make in the Case View grid, including adjusting columns, sorting columns, using the tally function and more. The tasks performed are not changes to an individual document. Rather, they are changes to the workspace itself or the use of tools that have a case-wide impact.
  • Work on Records in the Case View/Case Table - This topic covers tasks a user performs on individual documents in the grid. Not the review-specific tasks (such as annotating and tagginng). Rather, the topic focus is on changes to the documents like editing fields, or opening natives.


Additional useful information is available in the following topics:

Record View

Get Started in Record View - This topic explains how to switch to Record View and provides an overview of the Record View toolbar

Work in Record View - This topic covers tasks completed in Record View.


Additional useful information is available in the following topics:

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