Other Personal Folder Tasks

Sort Records

Three sorting methods exist when you are working in a folder tab:

  • Simple sorting - sorting based on one column in the case table.

  • Multi-field sorting - sorting of multiple columns defined by your administrator.

  • Advanced sorting (Search Results or folder tabs only) - sorting of multiple columns that you define.

Search for Records

You can search for records in folder tabs in two ways:

  • Advanced Search: Search for documents included in or not included in a specific folder. This search is most useful when combined with another search, such as searching for documents that have been tagged in a certain way that are in a certain Private Folder.

  • Refined Search: This search option allows you to search within a folder tab. When you do this, new search results will replace the contents of the tab until you close it.

See Overview: Search for an introduction to searching.

Export Case Data

See Export Case Data for details on exporting folder data (field data for the records comprising the folder) to a .CSV or .DLF file.


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