Overview: Administrative Folders

The folders containing files that the administrator will create and manage for reviewers and users include Case Alerts, Case Instructions, Non-Discovery Documents, and Transcripts. These files are maintained on the Eclipse SE Server and are available to all reviewers and users who have access to a particular case or review batch.

These folders are explained in the following table. This table lists intended files for each folder, but your administrator may prefer to expand the use of the folders. Ask your administrator about any files you do not understand.



Case Alerts

Intended for ongoing notifications to reviewers about cases. For example, an alert might be created notifying reviewers that the schedule for a particular case has changed.

Case Instructions

Meant to include the general procedures and information needed by users reviewing a case.

Batch Instructions

Intended to provide details specific to a particular review pass. Visible when a batch (not a case) is open.

Non-Discovery Docs

Any documents pertinent to a case that are not discovery documents may be provided here. For example, legal pleadings, interrogatories, complaint filings, and similar.


Transcript files such as depositions and trial transcripts may be provided here. Transcript review capabilities exist as explained in this section.


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