Manage Public Tags

Users with the proper privileges are able to complete a number of tasks related to managing public tags. The sections below provide instructions on how to complete each of these procedures.

Refresh Tag Palette

Your administrator or other users may create new public tags or modify existing tags. (Tag groups and tags that have not yet been applied can be renamed or deleted in Eclipse SE Administration.)

Although changes will not appear on the Doc and Page Tags tabs (tag palette) immediately, shortly after changes are made, you will be notified that the tag palette has been updated. If you receive a notification, click the Dismiss Alert button at the bottom of the Doc or Page Tags tab and review the changes.

Alternatively, refresh the tag palette any time by right-clicking in the Doc or Page Tags tab and selecting Tag Palette > Refresh Tag Palette.  

Show or Hide Tags

NOTE: The following procedure applies only if a coding form is being used that does not have tags defined as part of the coding form.

The following procedure allows you to select what tags are visible on the current tag palette (the Doc Tags and Page Tags tabs). This may be useful in managing your work.

The tags themselves are unchanged and can be added back at a later time.

To add or remove tags from the tag palette:

  1. Open the needed case or batch in Eclipse SE Desktop.

  2. In the Doc Tags tab, right-click any tag name and select Tag Palette > Modify Tag Display.

  3. In the Tag Palette Options dialog box, select or clear the check boxes for the tags to be shown/removed from the Doc Tags and Page Tags tabs. Note that you must click directly on each check box, as shown in this example.

  4. When finished, click Apply. The tag palette is modified. If you clear all tags for a particular group, the group will also be removed from the palette.

Reset Default Tag Palette

If you have modified the tag palette and would like to return to the default set of tags, right-click in the Doc or Page Tags tab and select Tag Palette > Reset Default Tag Palette.

Rename a Tag

Administrators and others with the needed privileges can rename public tags in Eclipse SE Desktop. The new name will be used for all documents that have already been tagged and will be available on the tag palette as soon as it is created (or after the tag palette is refreshed).

To rename a tag:

  1. In the Doc Tags tab, right-click the needed tag and select Tag (Current Name) > Rename.

  2. Enter a new name in the Rename Text dialog box and click Ok.

  3. Optional: Repeat these steps to rename other tags.

  4. Inform other team members about the new tag name(s). Administrators should update case instructions and/or alerts as explained in .

Other Tag Activities

The following tag management activities can be accomplished in Eclipse SE Administration:

  • Renaming tag groups

  • Deleting tag groups/tags

  • Changing tag group rules

For details on managing tag groups and tags, see Change the Tag Palette.


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