Tags and Related Documents

Documents may be related to one another, such as an email and attachments. Document relationships are defined by your administrator in a BEGATTACH field, and are shown in the Relationships tab. This tab appears at the bottom of the left pane with the Case Folders and Tally tabs. The figure below shows a typical Relationships tab.

The example here shows that the selected document (0009) is a parent with three generations of related documents (“children”). A family includes all generations and siblings. (Documents 0010 and 0020 are siblings.)

If your administrator does not include related documents for a review batch, document relationships will not be shown in Eclipse SE Desktop on the Relationships tab.

Tagging Related Documents

Your administrator may define tag groups with the Tag Entire Family rule, meaning if you apply a tag in the group, it will be applied to all related documents. Whether a tag is configured with this rule depends on the nature of the tag and guidelines for your case.

For example, a tag for identifying illegible documents would in all likelihood apply only to individual documents. A tag for identifying documents needing a specialist’s evaluation might apply to a document and its relatives. Refer to your case instructions or contact your administrator for guidelines regarding the case you are evaluating.

If you have the privilege to do so, you can choose whether or not to apply a tag to related documents.


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