Eclipse SE Release Notes 2018.0.1

Ipro Tech, LLC is pleased to announce the 2018.0.1 patch release of Ipro® Eclipse SE™. This patch release includes fixes for extraction of EML files from certain MBOX files and transcript import of certain files.

  • This release supports upgrades from Eclipse SE 2018.0.0. This is a patch release only, users must be on 2018.0.0 to apply the patch. Only files modified for this patch will be installed. This is not a full Eclipse SE installation.
  • The version number will only update to 2018.0.1 of files that are affected by this release. The main components will retain the version number of 2018.0.0.
  • Please ensure that all Eclipse SE databases are backed up before applying the upgrade.


There are no enhancements for this release.

Resolved Issues

  • Issue DESK-528 – Certain MBOX files would extract individual EML files with incorrect filename extension due to a “period” in the subject line. The file would extract, but with the incorrect extension causing imaging and image on the fly to fail.

    Resolution – Resolved the naming convention problem so that the EML file would extract properly.

  • Issue DESK-614 – Certain PTF and PCF files will not import into SE PCF transcript files that are missing the GUID field receive an ‘Object Initialization Error’ upon import. PTF files that include an empty XML section will fail the import process.

    Resolution – Modified import routing to handle file formatting issues for PTF and PCF files.