Eclipse SE Release Notes 2018.0.0

Ipro Tech, LLC is pleased to announce the 2018.0.0 release of Ipro® Eclipse SE™. This release includes enhancements to Standard and Streaming Ingestion.

  • Ipro Authorization Service version 2016.3.0 or higher is required to use the Summation Migration Utility.
  • Ipro Authorization Service version 2016.3.1 and a 64-bit operating system are required to use the SE Streaming license for processing native files.
  • Please ensure that all Eclipse SE databases are backed up before applying the upgrade.


  • SB- 8754 – Redesigned Eclipse SE Streaming to run as a separate memory service. This design enables enhanced error management for Eclipse SE Streaming, enabling the ability to restart the service when certain files create exceptions that halt streaming in previous versions. This enhancement allows Eclipse SE Streaming to complete data sets that include problematic files and report only those files with errors instead of the entre data set.
  • SB-9068 – A version of a third-party tool used for Standard Ingestion was not correctly processing a small percentage of problematic email files. To ensure the proper ingestion of all files, an implementation was completed to programmatically revert to a previous version of the third party tool when encountering errors pertaining to those files.
  • SB-8990 – Improved deduplicaton log file. The deduplication log file created during Streaming Ingestion has been improved to include the following fields: BEGDOC, Original filename, Original custodian, Original file size, Original file path, Original current location, Original hash, Duplicate filename, Duplicate custodian, Duplicate file size, Date, Duplicate file path, Duplicate hash

Resolved Issues

There were no resolved issues for this version.