Edit an Export Series

After an Export Series is created, it displays in the Client Management Tree View. You can edit the export settings for the Export Series.

For example, you might want to edit the export series to edit the Export Volume name and Image Key (BegDoc number) before processing data into the case as we have done in the following example.

  1. In the Client Management Tree View, select the Export Series you created.
  2. On the Status and Summary pane, click Edit Settings.

  3. The Project Options Window opens. In the Export Format page of the wizard, click Next.

  4. In the Export Fields page of the wizard, click Next.

  5. One the Specify export directory and file options page of the wizard you can:

    1. Change the volume number as needed, in our example, we changed the volume to GLO_VOL.
    2. Change the Bates Numbering. when you change the Bates Numbering you're changing the Image Key (BEGDOC numbering format), in our example we made the following changes:
      • Added the Prefix REV

      • Added the Delimiter _Underscore

      • Changed the Page digits to 000001

  6. When all of the changes have been made, click Finish. To learn more about export series, see Create an Export Series.

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