Delete an Export Series

You can delete an Export Series as long as all of the Export Jobs in the Export Series have been started. As an alternative, you can delete all of the Export Jobs in the Export Series and then you can delete the Export Series. Any Export Jobs that were tied to the deleted Export Series will be reverted back to independent Export Jobs and repositioned in the folders displayed in the Client Management Tree View.

Note: An Export Series cannot be edited or deleted in the Limited Controller.

Delete a Job in the Export Series

  1. To delete a specific job in the Export Series, right-click the Export Job and choose Delete Export Job.

    The Delete Confirmation dialog box appears.

  2. Click Yes. The Job is deleted unless it was the last Job started for the Export Series.
  3. If the job was the last Job started for the Export Series, then the Rollback Series dialog box appears.

    Do one of the following:

    • Click Yes to reset/rollback the volume and image key number information for the Export Series. For example, if there were three Jobs and the last started Job was the third Job with the Volume number of VOL003 and an ending image key number of EXH-0000254, then the next Job for the Export Series would be VOL003 with a starting image key number of EXH-0000255

    • Click No. The next Job’s volume and image key number will not be reset. The numbering will continue with the next Volume and image key number from the deleted Job.

    • Click Cancel.


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