Create an Overlay for an Export Series

You can create an overlay job at the export series level (Export Series Overlay Job). The overlay reflects all export jobs in the export series by default. You can, optionally, exclude export jobs. The produced output is the same as if an overlay was generated for a single export job.

The Overlay functionality is used to apply new or modified metadata fields onto an existing data set. It modifies the load files that were selected for the original export series. Data is organized by overlay and volume.

The Export wizard launches and displays screens and dialog boxes based on the original load files selected for the original export series. The settings for the load file types can be modified. For example, if the Custom Export Format was selected, then the options pages specific to the Custom Export Format display in the wizard. However, additional load file types may not be added.

Note: The Back button is disabled and the [BEGDOC] field is required, it cannot be removed.

When you complete the steps of the wizard and it closes, the export series overlay goes into the Job Queue pane and is automatically given the name of the original export series with the word Overlay added, (for example, Custom Export Overlay). The export series also displays in the Client Management Tree View beneath the export series job it was created from.

The settings, output, and report may be viewed for the Export Series Overlay Job. The output folder created for the export series overlay is called overlay_n, where n represents a number (for example, overlay_004)..

The contents of the overlay_n is based on the load formats that were selected for the original export series job.

Autoload Export Series for Eclipse and Relativity

When creating an Export Series Overlay Job for autoload export series jobs (Ipro Eclipse and Relativity), the following conditions apply:

  • Overlay is the default action; not append.

  • The field mapping interface appears.

  • The same case (project) database selection appears.

  • The [BEGDOC] field is always required from the metadata field list, whereas the rest of the previously selected fields are removed.

Note: Overlays on a direct-export to Eclipse use the "overlay" import method; The Relativity import method must be specified in a new KWE for the overlay.

Create an Overlay for an Export Series

  1. In the Client Management Tree View, right click a Processing Export Job or Data Extract Export Job to display the right-click context menu.

  2. Click Create Series Overlay. The Export Series Overlay dialog box displays and lists all the export jobs affiliated with the selected Export Series. By default, all the jobs are selected.

  1. Do either of the following:

    • If necessary, clear the check box next to the export jobs you do not want included in the output.

    Note: UseSelect All to select all the export jobs or use Clear All to clear all the export job check boxes.

    • On the Task Table drop-down menu, select a task table .
  1. Click OK. The Export wizard appears.

  2. Make any necessary changes to the settings in the wizard.

  3. Click Finish to close the wizard. The Export Series Overlay Job displays in the Job Queue pane.

  4. Start the Export Series Overlay Job.

  5. When the Export Series Overlay Job is finished, and no longer displays in the Job Queue, you can click the overlay job in the Client Management Tree View in the Series Overlay folder. For more information about the Series Overlay folder, click Closedhere.

    Export Series Overlay Jobs are listed under a separate subfolder called Series Overlay as shown in the following figure:


    Listing the Export Series Overlay Jobs in the Series Overlay subfolder makes it easier to distinguish these jobs from regular export jobs.

    Note: Jobs created before version 2018.5.2 display "(overlay)" in the Job name. When a new job is created in version 2018.5.2 or later, "(overlay)" will no longer display in the job name. When a series is renamed, "(overlay)" will no longer display as part of the new name.

    There is no right-click context menu for the Series Overlay subfolder. However, you can right-click on an Export Series Overlay Job. The context menu displays two options, Delete Export Job and Reporting. The Reporting submenu displays Summary.

    When the Series Overlay folder is clicked, it displays a list of Export Series Overlay Jobs in the series as shown in the following:

    When an Export Series Overlay Job is clicked (under the Series Overlay subfolder), the Status and Summary Panel displays as shown in the following:

  6. In the Status and Summary pane on the right, click  to access the export directory and view the output for the selected Export Series Overlay Job.


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