Overview: Export Sets

You can use Export Sets to create an export at the individual document level with sort capabilities. The data can be sorted by a selected field and then exported in that order. The default sort lists the parents in the order they were discovered, and their children attached to them. For example, you can:

  • Export data for a job (such as culling the document collection for all Excel spreadsheets, and then sorting by date), while continuing to QC the rest of the collection.
  • Search for all hot documents and create a set for those hot documents exclusively. Essentially, you would isolate a group of documents, apply the desired sort, and create the Export Set from the context menu.

Note: The context menu option, Create Export Set, will not be available if the documents were not sorted with families together.

An Export Set is always created by a QC Processing Job session or a Data Extract Job session.

Export Sets are used in an Export Series, which allow the exporting of successive unattended exports with sequential image keys (Batesā„¢ numbering) and volumes. For more information about Export Series, see Overview: Export Series.

Export Set Requirements

  • Export Sets require families to be sorted as one unit. Emails and attachments can be removed from each other but cannot be separated out in the same population. Therefore, ensure that first you exclusively obtain the document population that you want to export into a QC session. Then, the data can be sorted any way you choose.
  • An Export Set stores which documents are to be exported and which order they were sorted when the set was created.
  • An Export Job can only be made up of one Export Set.
  • An Export Set is applied to a QC session as a whole.

Export Sets are managed in the eCapture Controller just like a regular job.


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