You can remove items from individual documents such as a transcript, as well as from the entire case.

Note: An item will either be removed from the document it was applied to, or from the entire case, depending on where that item is being removed. For example, if an Issue type is removed from a transcript in the Transcript Explorer, it and any Page:Line references associated with it are removed from the transcript, not from anywhere else in the case. However, if the Issue type is removed from the Issues Explorer, it and all Page:Line references associated with the Issue type anywhere else in the case are removed. The confirmation message that displays when removing an item informs you where the item is being removed from.

To remove an item, navigate to the item within a case and perform the following steps:

  1. Select the item.

  2. Click the Remove button in the ribbon bar.

  3. Note: If no Remove button is readily visible, you may also access the Remove button from the right-click context menu. For example, you can right click the Note icon in the margin of the Transcript Work Area to remove a Note.

    The Remove Confirmation dialog box appears.

  4. Click Yes.

  5. The item is removed.

Note: You may not have permission to remove certain items from a case. For example, you can remove only the redactions you yourself added to a transcript. If you try to remove all the redactions within a transcript, only the redactions you are authorized to remove will be removed.


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