Preparing for Trial

TRIAL DIRECTOR gives you the option to assign issues (such as elements of proof and defenses) to documents, transcript testimony, and other pieces of potential evidence in your case.

You can use:

  • Designations - Apply designations to a transcript.

  • Issue Codes - Apply issues codes to documents, images, and transcript text.
  • Redactions - Redact portions of a transcript or document image.
  • Annotations - Pre-treat document images with annotations for display in trial.
  • Clips - Create multimedia and transcript clips.
  • Notes - Add notes to documents or transcripts.
  • Playlists - Create playlists to group transcript clips for one or more deponents into a file that can easily be played during trial.
  • Workbooks - Use workbooks to organize case items into a logical order, making it easier to call up exhibits during trial.


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