Open an Explorer

You can open an explorer using the Explorers dropdown in the TRIAL DIRECTOR EVIDENCE Main Menu.

To open an explorer, perform the following steps:

  1. From the dashboard, click the Presentation module.

  2. Click the EVIDENCE tab in the left navigation panel.

  3. Open the specific case by double-clicking the case name in the Cases table. Alternatively, you can select the appropriate case name, then click the Open Case button in the ribbon bar above the table.

  4. Click the Explorers drop-down menu in the Main Menu ribbon bar above an open case.

    A list of the available explorers appears.

  5. The green check marks indicate explorers that are already open in the layout.

  6. Select an explorer to open it.

  7. The explorer then displays in its default position in the case layout.

Note: If the explorer that you want to view is already present in the layout, after selecting the explorer from the Explorers drop-down menu in the Main Menu, the explorer is brought forward into view and selected for use.


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