Create a Clip from the Multimedia Player

To create a clip from the Multimedia Player, open a case and follow the steps below:

Note: Clips cannot be created from synchronized transcripts using the Multimedia Player. You can only create clips from single, un-synchronized multimedia files from the Multimedia Explorer.

  1. Open a multimedia file from the Multimedia Explorer.

  2. The multimedia file appears in the Multimedia Player.

    Note: If the clip creation options are not already visible, click the Expand button to see them.

  3. Enter the information for the clip.

  4. Name - A name to easily identify the clip. Note that the multimedia clip cannot use the same name as another clip or playlist.

    Start Time - To set the Start Time, position the multimedia scrub bar at the point in the media where you want the clip to begin.

    When you are satisfied with the position, click the Set Start button. The Punch In timestamp is filled in with the time where the scrub bar is positioned.

    You can further adjust the timestamp by right or left clicking the first digit in the seconds category, or any of the milliseconds. Right-clicking advances the digit forward by 1 while left-clicking sets the digit backward by 1.

    End Time - To set the End Time, follow the same steps for setting the Start Time. However, instead of clicking the Set Start button, click the Set End button.

    You can also adjust the individual digits for the Punch Out timestamp by right or left-clicking on the activated digits.

    With the timestamps set, you can move on to the next step.

  5. Click the Save button above the Punch In and Punch Out times.

  6. The new clip is saved and appears in the Multimedia Explorer under the media it was created from.


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