Get Started in Record View

Record View is the second component of the documents pane. It is visible only when the Record View option is selected and it presents the field content for a single record in a “coding form.” To open and begin working in Record View, follow the instructions below.

Access Record View

To open the Record View component:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Review module.

  2. Select a Client and Case and click Open.

  3. On the menu bar above the Case View tab, select the Record View option and needed coding form. ClosedClick for an example.

  4. (If you have the privilege to modify the case table, the “0” layout will be User Defined Layout.)
  5. Take any of the following actions to view needed data:

    • Change the Record View size or orientation, or make it freestanding (undock it).

    • Scroll to see all fields.

    • For fields with more than one line of data, click Expand corresponding to the field to see all field content.

    • Change the font size to meet your needs.

  6. Familiarize yourself with the Record View toolbar. For information about Record View keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts: Record View.

Record View Toolbar

Use the following toolbar buttons to perform common editing tasks in Record View.




Turn edit mode on or off.


Create a new record (see Creating a New Record).


Delete a record.


Cut selected content.


Copy selected content.


Paste cut or copied content.


Undo (Stores changes so you can restore to the record to the original state if needed.)

Open native file (if one exists).


Save changes to record.

Allow Review to save your changes auto­matically.


Change the font size of record information on Record View.


Make the Record View pane freestanding or re-dock it into the documents pane.


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