Overview: Scanning (Case Table)

If you are working in the case table, discover one or more documents or document pages are missing (or images have problems), and you have paper originals for them, you can easily scan them into the case from the case table. This is an easy way to scan a small number of documents for the case.

If a large number of documents needs to be scanned, or you need to set advanced scanning options or perform image cleanup (such as set OCR language or despeckle images), then scan them with the Scanning module.

Complete the following procedures to scan a document into a case from the case table (Case View or related tab).

Note: Various privileges govern a user’s ability to scan documents when working in the Case View or related tab. Contact your administrator if you have questions about performing the following procedures.

Prepare to Scan Documents

For the most efficient scanning, consider the following factors before you begin a scan session:

  1. Make sure Review can access the needed scanner.

  2. Load the original document/page(s) into the scanner.

  3. If you are adding a new document, determine the image key (BEGDOC value) needed for the document being added. By default, the number follows the last one in the case. (If ABC-10001 is the last document in the case, the new document will be ABC-10002.)

  4. If a different value is needed, identify that value (for example, if a gap exists in the numbering in the case).

  5. NOTE: Document pages (other than the first page) are numbered with a suffix (ABC-10002.002, ABC-10002.003, etc.).


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