Manage Batches

Applying tags primarily occurs not in cases, but in batches assigned to users who are charged with reviewing documents. To manage the batches that have been assigned to you, your administrator may instruct you to complete the following procedures when review tasks are complete.

Batch review status criteria are determined by your organization (for example, when tagging or redactions are completed).

NOTE: If a coding form is assigned to the batch you are reviewing, your administrator may configure it to automatically set documents to Reviewed if coding rules have been met.

Refer to your case instructions or contact your administrator for information on when to change the review status of a document.

Set Document Review Status

To manually change the status of a document within a batch (not a case):

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Review module.

  2. Select a Client and Batch and click Open.

  3. Complete needed actions according to your case or batch instructions (and coding form rules if applicable).

  4. With the Doc Tags tab active (not Page Tags tab), select a record in the Case View tab. If multiple documents need to be tagged with the same status, click the first record in the Case View tab, then Shift+click or CTRL+click additional records to choose a contiguous or non-contiguous set of records, respectively.

  5. Right-click and select the appropriate status: Reviewed, Not Reviewed, or On Hold. Or, select the status in the Doc Tags tab.


    • Reviewed and On Hold records are color-coded in the Case View and other tabs in the documents pane.

    • Before a document can be tagged as Reviewed, all required tags must be applied to the document. Also, if a coding form with rules is being used, all rules must have been met.

  6. Repeat this procedure to set the status of other documents.

  7. TIP: To find all documents that have a particular status, right-click the needed Batch Review tag in the Doc Tags tab and select Search > Search for Tagged Documents (or Search for Documents Not Tagged for documents without a particular status). Results are presented in a Search Results tab.

  8. If appropriate, when all documents have been tagged Reviewed and/or On Hold, close the batch as explained in the next procedure.

Change Batch Status

When the review of a batch is completed, its status can be changed (the batch can be closed) as follows. Check case instructions or contact your administrator for details on if and when to change batch status.

To change batch status:

  1. On the Dashboard, click the Review module.

  2. Select a Client and Batch and click Open.

  3. Ensure that all records have been reviewed and tagged Reviewed (are green in the Case View tab) and/or On Hold (orange in the Case View tab).

  4. Click the Review button and select Case Management > Change Batch Status.

  5. In response to the Close Batch message, click OK.

  6. In the Open dialog box, select another batch and click Open. The batch opened in step 2 will be marked “Closed” in Administration and will no longer be available in Review. (Administrators can re-open a closed batch if needed.)


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